Friday, June 27, 2008

CX Magazine

Hey! Time to get off your lazy ass and pay for a subscription to CX Magazine. Where else are you going to get the best news written by the best people and edited by the leaders in this industry? Huh?

Yeah, yeah, you're going to do it soon.

NO! DO IT NOW! Issue #3 coming out soon, and now's your chance.

CX Magazine


Ride your bike to work, to buy groceries, to go to the beach, to make love.

And then buy a patch or something.

Zero Per Gallon

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Wheelset to Tim in Canada:

USPS: $30

UPS: $240

C'mon Brown, that's ridiculous. And your employee at the store was an unhelpful, cranky prick. Guess they have corporate contracts that keep them in business? I don't know.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Neck Deep

Approaching a month without a post. Cool! At what point does blogger come and board up the space?

In this fascinating, brief post I am here to say I am mired in online work that is keeping me away from all these troublesome blogs. I have signed on for some additional work/pay/abuse at my regular job, and I am also completing some additional work/pay/abuse at two other cyberspaceic locations. In all I stare at a square screen for hours from the comfort of my casa, dog at feet, cup of joe jittering above the keyboard.

Great thing about the whole debacle is that I get to sneak out on my bikes pretty much whenever I want. Of course nothing of interest to report there, other than I believe for the first time in my cycling career I hit a mammal* the other day. Strangely enough, can't recall ever doing that before.

(*ed note: animal mammal. Upon reflection, have hit a few human mammals in my time on earth)

Offending mammal was a squirrel. The little F'er was alongside the road, did the spastic peepee dance as I approached, and instead of darting left into the safety of the woods it darted right into the path of my front wheel.

I've read and seen horror stories of these creatures attempting to jump through moving hoops and getting all caught up in spokes, forks. Not the case here. I just kind of bumped the little guy. It did a skid and half tumble, I didn't go down, no problem.

Still, I hope I broke a couple of its effing ribs.