Wednesday, January 14, 2009


To blogger cyclist friends:

Train smart, ride hard, be well. Hope to see you down the road. I won't be posting a darn thing here for the foreseeable future. I'm just going to keep this blog sitting for as long as blogger allows as a place for links and such. Some new writing projects are tugging every day, and clearly (in my mind, anyway) it's time to cut loose the things I cannot keep up with anymore.

Fun stuff, Moveitfred

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crack Arrived

Rainy pisser of a day. I hope to be especially productive over the next few hours by eating air-popped corn and drinking two press pots of Oren's. Doing what I can to stimulate the economy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coffee and bikes

Good looking East Village city bike, no? Discovered some killer coffee down the street at the Roasting Plant. To stand out in the crowd they've developed an automated, theme-park ride system for making the joe. You order up, worker pushes a button, and freshly roasted beans are sucked up through tubes over your head and into machines that grind and brew. It's all very clinical and not at all warm and baristamente, but it's a memorable cup of joe.

Stopped by Oren's to get some of their fresh beans, but they closed up shop early for inventory. Damn. So ordered online and am pacing the house waiting for the delivery.

It's important shit like this keeps me busy while waiting to go back to work. Put in 90 minutes on the mountain bike yesterday and just finished 60 minutes of brisk hiking through the sand at the shoreline with the dog. So far, a stellar beginning to 09.

Now, gotta hammer out some script pages until the kids come home.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Yeah, kinda cold

Did the 60 minute tour of town with son. Slush/sandy roads. Some fun stuff to plow through. Not really that cold, but I can't seem to get the gloves dialed in. Fingers are soooooo freaking boney and long that they jab into the ends of the gloves, compress the insulation, and quickly go numb. Just completed the painful thaw process. Now it's time for hot chocolate and settling in with the giant lego Star Wars craft. Goal: get that mutha built before bedtime.

New Powershot

Lazy good-for-nothing dog gets first test photo. Little camera feels like a postage stamp in my big, gawky mitts. Lots of tiny buttons to accidentally push.

Taking mountain bike out today in the ice and cold.

Yes, really.