Wednesday, November 21, 2007

USGP Jersey Pics

No racing for me. Had a great weekend hanging out with my daughter at the venue and around the Princeton area (for her, besides cross, the hits of the weekend included an indoor pool at the hotel and a late dinner out at the Macaroni Grill). Excellent course at the Mercer County Park, awesome sand pit, questionable fly over (why include these contraptions other than for the novelty/circus element?), and even good food and hot bevies at the porta coach.

Scenic venue

Despite a dropped chain, Sachs scored podium finishes both days.

Dive down the fly over. I saw two masters racers eat it bad at the bottom of this thing on Day 1. I just avoided hiking out there from that point on (it was quite a distance out from the "main action"). So I wonder, why have these things? Do they serve as an obstacle to break up the field? I didn't get that impression--everyone went over about the same speed, which was gingerly. Sure, people can get hurt anywhere, but why add something to the natural features that can hurt and maime? Sure, some might say to those who couldn't do it or wouldn't do it (I saw one rider leave the course during warmup at that spot because it seemed he couldn't bring himself to dive down the hill) harden up and work on your skills. Maybe so, but still I wonder.

Amy Wallace entering the pit. Wallace was the only female rider I saw on Day 1 to ride the entire length of the pit. Very nice!

Serious display of talent and power from Georgia Gould winning both days. Here she is on Day 2 riding a tough, muddy off-camber section.

Wendy Simms was in the front groups both days.

Second for Bessette both days. Looked like she might have the legs and lungs Day 2, but Gould outpowered her in the second half of the race.

My daughter got to hang out with Gould while she warmed down after her win on Day 2. Those two had lots to talk about. Thanks go out to Georgia for making a little girl's day. Very classy thing to do.

Horner was clearly out to have fun and not get hurt. He was taking some heckling from the crowd, especialy on Day 2 when he was quite a ways off the back in the muddy conditions.

Most of the men's elite field ran this section, including winner Trebon. Clearly this was a nightmare in the mud.

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