Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring In The Air

Cancellara takes the Eroica today. Beautiful looking race--Italian countryside, gravel roads, kits sans legwarmers.

I got out for two hours on bike yesterday with a few modest hill repeats. Complete deluge of rain today is putting a wash on everything, but the next few days look to be warming and dry. As reported elsewhere, I'm considering a wade into the shallow end of duathlon this spring. In fact there may be breaking news soon of something very important and groundbreaking and edgy and very, very secret (to be reported elsewhere).

In conclusion, I found the report of swimming in the Pacific from the A-team to be ceaselessly humorous (if that makes any sense). Why the hell go to the beach at 70 degrees when you can just wait a month and go when it's 80?

To add--I think more bloggers should post pics of humans in swimwear. Just in general. More swimear no matter the time of year and context. That's what I think.

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