Friday, April 4, 2008


Physical exam today. No fun once you become "of age." Enough about that.

For shits and giggles I've been following the Base Building for Cyclists routine quite regularly this spring. It's my understanding my good friend Heywood is also a member of the club. So far, what the hell seems good. More than anything else it gives one a defined structure to follow each week, something me likes very much. Sort of a reason to get out of bed in the morning. What results will follow? Prolly nothing new. When you ain't got the huge engine or burning desire to begin with, nothing less than needles will likely do that much good.

(abrupt transition)

One of the highlights of my life was winning Henry's CX Contest #4 this week. For my pick I went with the LI day one race that Vervecken won. Lots of good memories of a warm day and lots of on-camera time for yours truly and Heywood along with plenty of running commentary on the run-up from yours truly's daughter. Think I'll be ordering a few more of the films at 10 bucks a pop. Send Henry your love and a few bucks for a film--the guy works hard to pull together footage for us cross freaks.

Speaking of DVDs, I understand Ritchie has got a new one out too that's getting the rave reviews. get in line or not to get in line for one of those frames?

(another abrupt transition)

Funny, I have the nagging sensation that someone stuck a finger up my ass today.

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solobreak said...

How is that different from any other day?