Friday, May 9, 2008

Switching Teams

I'm going Mac, and don't plan to go back.

Now, on to some cycling content. Well, Homeboys and girls, not much to report in the way of excitement--as usual--other than to say I'm making a concerted effort to cycle-commute to work at least 2 or 3 days a week. I haven't quite made the leap to full-time, rain and whatever weather commuting, and also getting up and motivated to ride in for an 8 a.m. class proves to be difficult some days. However I have certainly bumped up the overall weekly mileage whenever I do get my ass out the door on time.

I've also got into a groovy habit of looping the long way home through the woods. Although having my Deuter pack on throws off the balance a bit through some of the dodgy sections, I've got a route figured out over some singletrack that I can ride for 30 minutes or more, depending upon how many loops I want to throw in.

Was all signed up for my first race/crit of the year last weekend, but blew that mofo off after a particularly long day at the office. There was no registration fee, and I just felt much more compelled to get some more sleep rather than schlepping out to the course in the wee hours on Sunday.

I'm thinking into the months ahead and wondering how I'm going to fit in any serious training and racing. General fitness, ok. But I'm getting very squeezed short on time. Got several new, time-consuming projects in the works. Besides the regular FT job, I'm potentially doing some new work for two other institutions via the miracle of the Internet, doing some very cool editing for a very cool mag, and pushing into the dream of screenwriting through a program at UCLA next year.

So I will continue to weep and whine, and probably have very little time for this here enterprise....

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it is a beautiful world here in appleland.

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