Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wear and Tear

Moveitfred assumes his vast readership was shocked upon seeing the post of his beloved dog under the heading "Fat Bitch." This certainty has weighed on Moveitfred since his post. He wants to explain.

Moveitfred's fat black bitch is a female breeder for the local guide dog society. She is, in essence, a professional baby maker. The picture was taken of the fat black bitch before she was shipped off to the birthing house for this, her fourth and supposedly last, litter of pups.

Upon birthing and teating her brood, she will then be retired from birthing duties and will live out her days at La Casa de Fred. Undoubtedly fat, black, with streaks of bitchiness.

In other news, Moveitfred was scheduled to ride with Al Bangorhard two days ago, but Al pussed out. Al said his back was sore and he needed a mineral soak. Moveitfred hopes Al feels less sore.

In Al's absence Moveitfred did a kicker of a cyclocross ride through the local woods. Today Moveitfred went for a long hike in another stretch of forest and then popped in "The Big Lebowski" and hammered out 45 mins on the C2 rower down in the dungeon.

You got that right.


solobreak said...

You underestimate the intelligence of your vast readership. It is pretty obvious the dog is about to get down to some birthin' babies.

What's up with Heywood these days?

Moveitfred said...

Heywood fills most days with the usual: crimefighting.

He's one of those crossfit fanatics and now, as Moveitfred understands it, only needs to work out 3 minutes a day.

Moveitfred doesn't want any part of a religion that leaves him more time for the rest of life.

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solobreak said...

Fred has been up close and personal with many a Hairy Roger.