Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mont Fred

Moveitfred did a few hill repeats up the stunning Mont Fred today. He didn't feel as bad as he thought he would.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Screenplay Content

Moveitfred finished the first draft of a new screenplay this week. The title alludes to killing the protagonist, but the protagonist remains unscathed and not much killing takes place in the script. There are lots of space aliens in the story, however, and they tend to be an inscrutable lot.

Moveitfred was contacted this morning by an important movie person who wants to interview him in an online format regarding his experiences related to screenwriting. Moveitfred is cool with that, although Moveitfred worries he'll come across as an ass.

In other news Moveitfred likes this picture, so he's going to post it again.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pretty freakin' hot for June 'round these parts.

Moveitfred plans to drop his sun off at camp and then cook out on the bike for about an hour. Moveitfred figures waiting until the peak heat of the day will strip additional waste from his physique, giving him that ripped appearance the chicks dig.

Friday, June 25, 2010

History, in short

A host of discerning individuals has been clamoring over/touching Moveitfred and yelling, "Where have you been for all these years?"

Moveitfred feels your pain. He has been away for what feels like years. Doing what, you axe? Living the Life of Enlightenment in this cauldron of feces we call our home planet. Yes, he still rides his bike, he drinks coffee, he walks to the library. Sometimes he engages in meaningful exchanges with his Bicoastal Boy brethren, but mostly not. He writes perhaps the greatest screenplays about important topics that have yet to be acknowledged and produced. In short, doing what he can considering the circumstances.

Right now it's hot. Moisture builds in his groin, and he feels itchy.

Moveitfred will ride his bike.

The alarm that signals fire in the house keeps ringing and ringing and ringing....

Moveitfred can't sleep. It's 4am. Moveitfred can't sleep.

This all started after the Rock Lobster came into the house about 8 hours ago.

Moveitfred believes this new bike has otherworldly powers that have disrupted the oblique strands of pastoral he has worked so hard to cultivate here at La Casa de Fred.

Moveitfred is both disturbed and awed by this phenomenon. He will not rest tonight.