Monday, August 6, 2007


Everyone says it's time to gear up for cross.

Meg says it.

G says it.

Atmo says it.

Zank's got pricey Euro tubs for sale.

....and I'm going on vacation. Sheesh. OK, I gotta squeeze in some drills. Got the new Zank magic carpet ride. Changed out a set of road wheels over the weekend and transformed them into cross clinchers for training. All is set. So, when the wife comes home today from work it's going to be out the door and over to the local elementary school for some grass work.



gewilli said...

Greg's saying it:

Molly's saying it....


EVERYONE with cross on their mind is saying it...

litka ain't saying it neither is nega-coach...

but that's about it

drills baby drills

Moveitfred said...

Yeah, got out and tore up my kids' elementary school fields a bit. Hey, what are taxes for?