Thursday, August 30, 2007

Posting Drought

OK, how pathetic is this. Been home over a week from vacation and no post. After cruising through a few fav blogs tonight the guilt became overwhelming.

So what's the deal with me? Immediately upon return from three weeks in California I found myself back in the office on just a few hours of sleep. I did, however, commute by bike (on the new Zank!) into work for the first time in New York. Yeah, I've been here over ten years. No sense rushing things, ya know. On the commuting front I was able to go by bike two out of the four days I worked this week. Once the kids get back to school I should have unlimited freedom to ride the bike into work.

I'm envious of all the talk about cross across the blogosphere. Everyone north of me seems to already have serious training or a race in. Cross in August? People, you make me sick! C'mon now, I need a little more time to warm up to this idea. Well, so tomorrow evening is the last circuit race here on Long Island for the summer. I think I'll get up early and put in an easy ride and then hit the "B" race later for some speedwork. Racing just hasn't held my interest this year. Don't know what it is. Just don't seem to have the drive to race, specifically. And it's just the racing. I've put in more hard riding/training miles than I have in years. So the drive to ride and push my limits is there. It's just the act of pinning on a number and going mid-pack nowhere that didn't seem to do it for me this summer.

Maybe, however, a drive to cross will kick in. I'm looking forward to going to more races this year in order to, at the very least, immerse in the scene a bit more. I've got the beautiful and functional new Zank to play on. The bike is a dream. Right now for commuting and training I've got on an old set of open pro hoops with some cheap-o white wolf clinchers. In all the setup works well and I just started this week with some low-speed drills., on, ride.... Slow and steady.

Gotta go walk the dog and get to bed. Meg, G, Zank, Solo, Jill, pals--I'm enjoying the blogs. I leave with the vow to write more consistently on this space....

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