Saturday, July 19, 2008

In Line

If you pay attention to such matters, one of the big buzz topics through the intervines this week was the news that Richard Sachs is closing and locking the front door on all new frame orders.

If you're not in line and you want one, better set your preferences on ebay and hope some dude with your same build suffers a brain hemorrhage before you're hooked up to tubes yourself.

After about 10 minutes of careful consideration, I got in line.

Now all you f'ers can fall in behind Moveitfred, atmo.

Six years or so gives me plenty of time to decide if it's going to be a road or cross frame.



gewilli said...

skip the Zanc for a Sachs...

figure you can mooch enough cash off your wife over the six years of waiting to pay the balance of the deposit

Moveitfred said...

You got this all figgured out better than I do.

Paypal donation button forthcoming.

flahute said...

Ya know ... that's my CX bike you're showing up there.

Not one like that one. THAT one. I dig it.

Moveitfred said...