Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I was the KING of right-click with the mouse on the old PC. But, bad news. The PC crashed and is currently awaiting repairs. What to do? Purchase a mac. This is the good news.

However, where is my right-click? This function was my lifeline to fun and frivolity. How do I grab, copy, paste with this shiny new whiteness?

One problem in this whole equation is I have no time to learn something new and I'm an idiot. OK, two problems. But somewhat related nonetheless. Need one of those Geniuses to move in for a week.

Anyway, wanna know what else? The logline for my screenplay sucks. Effing sucks right now. That about sums up life. Cycling/cross? Nope. Keeping up with regular job? Barely. Getting kids to school on time? Once in awhile. Eating well? Does two bowls of ice cream tell you anything.

Gotta nail the logline, gotta nail the logline.

Might go to Nittany Lion cross. Or might not.

Man, I need to be driven by fuel and have passion for dirt, or however that saying goes.

ps, can there be anything worse than being on Solo's list of the "not being updated much?" Jeezus, how's that for kicking a guy in the rocks?


solobreak said...

Maybe I'll switch to the new style templates with the "last updated" line. Someday.

You have to hold down the control key to get context menus. That's right, no free hand...

Two finger scrolling on the trackpad sort of makes up for it, doesn't it?

You can buy 3rd party pointing devices with a right button too.

CTodd said...

Apple's "Mighty Mouse" wireless device has a right click. Its pretty cool. Although the little scroll button picks up dirt and gets stuck easily...

Moveitfred said...

Thanks techno-geeks. Big help! I'm fully committed to joining the revolution. Just need to learn the tricks and switch the brain over to the new world.