Friday, September 19, 2008

Do you ever?

Wonder about neighbors who post ridiculous signs out by the road? We got these people, see, a few houses down who, in what must be tremendous urges of over-protectiveness, outrage, and guilt, feel the need to flood the roadside with "Slow Children At Play" warning signs. They got the stand-up plastic A-frame versions of these signs, the plastic-coated stick-in-the-ground versions. Big, yellow signs everywhere.

Now, there's a tremendous weight of irony that I'll let you in on. These kids don't "play." At all. It's not one of those "oh, they could be out more often, like the good old days" observations either. These kids are NEVER outside playing down by the road or otherwise.

And, yep, they look like this:

Bet you anything, too, that if we lined 'em up and fired off a starting pistol they'd, yes indeed, be slow children.

In other news, thanks to the wonder-knowledge of Solo and CTodd I'm gaining confidence with my mac right-click habits. Also, G-Willier hooked me up with a stellar full-finger glove rec for my oversized mitts. Ah, the wonders of the blogosphere. Thanks Hombres.

Got in a spectacular solo ride today on the cross rig. Managed to mix in plenty of terrain, discovered that my fav cross field over yonder in town had been mowed down of its summer neck-high weeds, and even worked on a few dismounts.

Temps are dropping and the sky is blue. I assume Venus and Mars are alright tonight too.