Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sacred Fishing Grounds

Kids and I are off right now for the holidays. As we are far from practitioners of the Jewish faith this is simply two unencumbered days off, as it were.

Yesterday we explored the Sacred Fishing Grounds down the street from our house. The tide was high, the eelgrass was browning, and the creatures were plentiful. We managed the hat trick of capturing numerous small blues, some short stripers, and two fat porgies. All were released as per the pre-established tenets of sportspersonship.

On to cycling news:_____________ .

Wait, I can report that I am regularly and joyfully cyclo-commuting to work. The entire process is much more ingrained in my daily rituals now, and on my best weeks I've cut down my driving to two days. What has been especially cool in this suburban wasteland is taking the left turn on the way home from work and hitting the singletrack in the newly official mountain bike trail near my house. Some killer sand-to-the-bottom bracket fireroads make for a challenge as well.

On Monday I discovered a new patch of tempting woods adjacent to work. My Russian satellite contacts report a series of trails in there. Just need to make sure humans are not being skinned and sacrificed within its dark bowels.

And, uh, cyclocross?

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