Monday, October 13, 2008


Here are a few of the better shots from Gloucester Cross 2008.

Good weekend for Brooke Shields to wash up on the beach, or something like that.

Elite men cranking up the hill at the start of day 1.

A taste of the mayhem at the barriers.

Trebon ran away from the elite field both days. Just his kind of course, for sure.

Son happily rocking the barriers at the end of day 1.
Kids digging deep for glory at the day 2 race.

Women up and over the start/finish hill on day 2 and flying into the hardpack.

Run-up of pain added for day 2.
Good to see lots of old and new friends. Weather was very uncrosslike, but great for spectating with the family. All involved at Gloucester do a fantastic job with the race.

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