Sunday, July 25, 2010


Y'know, you gotta love the labrador. But they are some stupid fucking dogs.

Moveitfred slept in and then squeezed 60 minutes on the bicycle midday as soon as the heat index reached its peak. Then he went swimming in a pool. Then he ate some cheesecake.

Right now Moveitfred should be grading the final papers in his summer class that ended last week. But he's too fucking tired of reading the idiotic drivel.

Instead he's been emailing Heywood Jablome. Heywood and fred plan to overthrow the planet, and they're just working out some of the details.


gewilli said...

labs have to be stupid...

any smart dog would think twice about jumping out of a perfectly good boat/blind to retrieve a dead duck you just shot.

smart dog would say - You go get your own fucking duck, you shot it you get it.

zencycle said...

on dog intellect: