Friday, July 30, 2010


Moveitfred just sneaked his ass back into the third floor suite here at the beautiful Hampton Inn. What's left of family fred is asleep.

Moveitfred destroyed the complementary breakfast down in the lobby merely moments ago. Know what it's like when shit be all set up a certain way and then YOU enter the space and announce, "No, no mutherfuckers...I own this fuckin' place now!"

Moveitfred is confident his loyal readership knows what he's talking about. Moveitfred went to the front and took one helluva pull on that breakfast. Fucking waffle press was smokin' balls, yo.

Moveitfred Jr. should be tearing through warmups at the pool about now with Mrs. Moveitfred in charge. This afternoon Moveitfred's daughter hits the venue and just may bust out one of the best times in the country this year....

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