Monday, August 30, 2010

What Else Is New

Moveitfred is back home after an electrifying 4 weeks out in the Land of LA.

But enough about all that.

Back to the Rockpile today. Moveitfred bike-commuted his ass into the factory where the indelible Al Bangorhard greeted our hero with a swift kick in the nads.

Moveitfred and Mr. Bangorhard share what some might label an "office" but what is really a den of excess and depravity among an otherwise functioning workplace. The real issue is the fucking incessant heavy metal noise Mr. Bangorhard channels through his circa 1970's receiver and polished oak speakers.

Mr. Bangorhard wants to rock and roll all night, and party every day.

Only other news of worth at the factory is that the management installed Dual Flush Handles in the unisex employee growler.

Moveitfred has had issues with sharing his bath with broads (and no insult meant whatsoever with the use of the term "broads" in this context, it's more a representation of Moveitfred's unease with the situation) over the years, but now he needs to pay attention whether he should toggle up for liquid waste and down for solid? Please.

You can bet your ass the union will hear about this.

Moveitfred felt like a slug on his bike, although his clocked time into the factory was about average pace. Now, the big decision: Moveitfred took the early shift at the factory on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a scheduled clock-in at 6:30am. He's been considering lights for a 5:30am commute through the boscage of suburban Long Island...


Al B. Hard said...

Remember, Fred, Remember: BROWN = DOWN.

And I, too, have a problem with broads in our crapper. (I, too, do not intend insult by the use of term "broad" here; however, I really couldn't give two friction-filled fucks if that is the end result.)

As for the morning commute. I think you go with torches, yo

Moveitfred said...

Profile expire Al?