Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fixin' Shit

Moveitfred got his neighbor, Jimmy, to snap a photog of him doing some yoga this afternoon.

Since returning from LA, Moveitfred has felt the effects of too much lazing at the beach and them In-N-Out Burgers out there. So it's been strict as shit back to the hardcore for Freddo, including light spins on the bike and yoga.

Correct: Fred is not fucking around.

Moveitfred plans to explore the often overlooked aspect in training: flexibility.

Heywood Jablome sent Moveitfred a blog link for flexibility training that Moveitfred has since lost, but it covered some type of west coast approach popular in the SF Bay area. Anyway, Moveitfred didn't have the attention span to view/read/follow the instructions anyway, however Heywood explained to Moveitfred that the training involves repeated toe touches and something Heywood called "Thigh Flutterbies" with a partner.

Trouble is, Moveitfred doesn't have a partner.

Unless you count Al Bangorhard.

But Moveitfred doesn't.

1 comment:

solobreak said...

Al can help you with an old wrestling stretch known as the "can opener."