Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Moveitfred has got a little chirp in his whistle. The insolent Al Bangorhard intends to pull himself begrudgingly out from under his rock and join Moveitfred for some cycling in the countryside tomorrow.

Al tells Moveitfred he intends to set a plan in motion to bust our two heroes out from the drudgery of their factory jobs early. Something involving smoke bombs and feces.

Anywho, apparently Al intends to swim out in the always treacherous Long Island Sound as well.

So he says.


solobreak said...

When is Moveitfred coming off Gilligan's Island to race on the mainland?

Moveitfred said...

Dear GAWD don't ever suggest Moveitfred leave the safe confines of this island! Other places terrify the shit out of Moveitfred.