Friday, January 25, 2008

And now

some are gearing up for a big weekend at Worlds. The course looks very spectacular from the story/photos in Velonews.

Scary drop (photo by: Charles Pelkey)

Seems Compton, Trebon, and Bessette are no-goes. Too bad the representation from North America is dwindling. It's a long freakin' season.

The a-team is out in Cali. Two pieces of advice: stay away from Heywood the accountant and eat lots of Tacos. Felt is in Cali. Heywood is in Cali. I'm not.

And me. I should be building up some courses for work but instead I'm killing time until the temps creep into the 30's so I can get out on the bike.

A la Felt (RIP) I'm thinking of putting in some more time on the mountain bike this year. This is just random, bullshit, mid-winter rambling right now (sort of along the same lines as horking out volumes of January discourse on the various attributes and shortcomings of training devices), but a thought nonetheless. Maybe a mountain bike race? Might be fun to watch my cheap-o Specialized fall apart under my ass as I spit dirt from my lungs.

Hey, I hiked/sort of ran for an hour and a half in the woods yesterday. I'm a little sore. Isn't that cool?


megA said...

yes yes YES!!!!

mt bike this year! meeeeeeeee tooooooooo!

let's pick one or two and meet up!

fun fun FUN!!!



Moveitfred said...

Give me a suggestion while keeping in mind, of course, that I'm very sensitive and bruise easily.