Thursday, January 3, 2008


photo by Larry Campbell from St. Cloud, MN

Guys like this make me feel like a wussy boy. Weather dot com says it's 13 with a feels like -2 outside right now. After I slurp down a bowl of wife's most excellent split pea soup I'm going to brave the elements with a long hike through the local woods. Just can't stomach the chill on a bike today. I'm pretty strict and consistent on my temp range on the bike:

30 and above--no trouble/no thought. Can pretty much do it all from easy spin to hard workout.

20-30--I'm good for about an hour, maybe two in the woods. At these temps I really don't know what I'm doing on the bike. Too cold for an easy recovery ride and don't like doing a hard ride for fear of sweat buildup and real chill. Yes, my manhood is seriously questionable. Usually just go out in these temps for a mental health break.

Below 20--nope. No good comes of this for me.

After today things supposed to warm up into the 40's through the weekend and into the 50's next week. Uhh, I guess that's good, although these severe temp swings are just weird, man.

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