Monday, January 7, 2008

The CX I Didn't Do

Pal Heywood busted out his ghetto single speed yesterday and headed down the mountain into Sacramento for that uber-rare event: the Cali CX race. Pictured above are some of the A's negotiating the sloggy banks of the American River before turning to hoof it up. Wood told me it wasn't all together uncommon to get caught up in a bad line in the post-storm mud and end up in the river.

Any topless cult meetings taking place along the river, Wood, or does that only happen at the spot you saw fit to lead Moveitfred's kids to this past summer?

Also heard there was something going on in CT this past weekend.

As for me I just did a lazy two hours around town on the CX bike and managed to almost fall asleep in the sun down at the beach. After the recent below zero temps the 50+ degrees today felt like 80, or something like that.

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