Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm Glad I'm Not In KC

No disrespect whatsoever, yo, I'm just glad I'm at home in my cozy environs while the storms kick up around the nation and cover things with a layer of ice.

I've been enjoying the written coverage from KC from the various official sources and bloggers. Much good cheer and respect to all those who made the journey and are thrashing it out in the mud and ice and snow. Baby Nor'easter kicking up outside my window today with some high winds and rain/slushy snow accumulating. Think I'll stick to home and keep an eye on the web for results from the elites today. Here's hoping Gould pulls off an upset and that Page puts a big stamp of approval on a difficult season.

Speaking of Gould, read her thoughts here and consider signing her petition.

Finally, either of you two pathetic souls who read this blog on a monthly basis get Velonews? Well as I understand it there is something I wrote on the back page. That's what people tell me anyway. See, in a cruel twist of irony I--for the first time ever in my long-standing subscription--did not receive my issue with my essay in it. Yes I know what the words are that I put down on the page, but I have just the mildest curiosity to see how the artist saw fit to depict me in the clever caricature they always add to the piece. They didn't ask for a picture. Am I as ugly there as in real life? Perhaps they gave me dashing leading-man good looks? I don't know.

Any y'all have a copy you're gonna throw away (check through that pile of reading next to the throne)? Help a brother out, man. Might make a nice Xmas gift if you're still wondering what to get me.

A few pics of the slushy goodness outside today. Notice the shoveling handiwork by yours truly. The technique employed here pretty much reflects my effort in life: do as little as possible to get by. Looking ahead at the weather for the week it seems we're going to have temps creeping up into the 30's during the day before dipping down into the 20's at night. That should be good for an extended bout of ice on the walkways and roads. Helloooooooo rollers.


Heywood Jablome said...

Hey BoZo,
I got a copy for you at Rob's house. Going to pick it up next time I go down to work. Then I will send it. I will take care of you Freddy like always. Sheeesh!

Moveitfred said...

The whole "I will take care of always" sends a chill down my spine (in a bad way), but thanks Woodrow.