Sunday, December 30, 2007


Great day to join tourists from around the world in NYC today. Got a jump on things by hitting the road at first light, scored a sweet, free street spot on the Upper East Side just off the park (Moveitfred can parallel park a semi, he's that damn good), and got in all planned activities just before the rain started in the late afternoon.

Getting groovy in the park to start the day.

Spent some time rock scrambling in the Ramble.

Destination #1: Dinosaur bones and stuffed mammals.

Cruising south on Columbus.

This is your bike in NYC.

Spending time with all my friends in Columbus Circle.


Moment of quiet.

Alotta freakin' coin.

There are forces beyond our control that draw all humanity to the tree/rink at R Plaza. Only way to survive is by medicating with large cookies.

Standard fat tourist crowd on Madison Ave.

My opinion: NYC is fine for the day/good to be home.


Il Bruce said...

Beautiful kids. God bless.

All the best this year.

Moveitfred said...

Thanks il bruce. Best to you and yours. BTW I was able to sample some of that Kentucky whiskey last night at a NYE party. Held the bottle and thought "hmmm, this looks familiar..."