Friday, December 21, 2007

New Car

I need a new car. The old, somewhat reliable Toyota Camry wagon is spraying fluid out the back like a tourist in Mexico. Mechanic says the fix involves big removal of engine parts and a big pricetag. I don't have thousands of friends like CTodd to send donations my way. Time to pass the heap onto a college student to run into the ground.

Need a sporty replacement, good gas, prefer a stick. Thinking the Matrix will do, if I can fold my lanky ass into the cockpit.

Here is your chance to suggest something better.


trackrich said...

Somehow small cars often fit us freaks better than the big ones. Amazing how they can waste that much space in something that wastes that much gas. I drive a Civic. The Civic Si gets my vote unless you really want a wagon-ish car. Matrix is ok. Like the Dodge Caliber better. Better yet, buy an ANT with racks all over it and bike everywhere :)

Moveitfred said...

Dodge? Really? I thought they just made trucks. Good idea on the Ant.

solobreak said...

I'm in the same boat. My car is running, but now I have no heat. Which means no defrost. I really wanted to wait until the end of the winter. I like the Matrix, but I think I'm getting the XBox instead. Seems like a better bike racer car for the same money.

Moveitfred said...

Good call Solo. Lots of right angles. Oh, and when you're in the neighborhood can you add some hot buns to our usual order of a whole wheat loaf?

trackrich said...

I rented an XB for a night one time... I couldn't wait to give it back. Total POS in my opinion... If you want to go that route, get the Honda Element and eat the less than stellar gas mileage

Anonymous said...

The Matrix or the sister car a Pontiac Vibe will do it.

I have a 2004 Vibe still gets 35mpg,plenty of room for my 6'3 and 200lb ass,also i could fit 3 cross bikes 8 wheels and gear bags in the back for our trip to the uci races in Mich.

If anyone is going through Cincinnati on your way south please drive like you have a brain:)


GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I got my bloggers mixed up
I thought you were from Michigan DOH!!!!!!!!!

Still get the Vibe it's a great car

solobreak said...

trackrich - I talked to some Element owners and they told me to steer clear. Too noisy, shitty mileage, rides like a buckboard. What did you not like about the XBox? Keep in mind the 2008 is now Camry based, nothing in common with the prior model. They fattened it up for old folks like us.

Il Bruce said...

I love my xB. Only gets about 12K miles per year though, but at 30mpg on all city driving.

I fit fine and normal sized people can fit in the back seat. Fun to drive. Not a hotrod by any means though.

The new ones are bigger and rounder. I haven't driven one yet.

Mrs. B got a GTI last year I'ts very nice but at 6'2" I'm at the top end of the fit scale.

megA said...

what about the FIT?

or the subie impreza?

or the new, better priced vw?

Moveitfred said...

I'm liking the fit, too. Rumor mill is that it'll be redesigned in 09 to be, uh, more fit. Wife says we're fixing the old wreck and waiting a spell for new wheels. I say we just drive it off a cliff and I'll ride my bike. Simple life, yo.