Friday, July 13, 2007

Perfect Day?

Perhaps it was. I got the work release from the better half this morning which allowed me to blow off kid transport duty and instead catch up with the Kreb boys for a fast training ride. No local circuit race tonight, so I figgered I'd put in a good effort in the morning.

Some of the "fast guys" showed up for the ride (and, no, I'm not one of them), so the pace picked up quite a bit over a few stretches of road. I haven't felt quite right for several weeks ever since a bad ear infection sent me through two rounds of antibiotics. That shit is a miracle drug, but it sure seemed to mess with my system this time around. Anyway, I've been ramping up the training since coming back from a short vacation to Chicago a couple of weeks ago, and today I felt pretty good for the first time in awhile.

The Kreb route includes two little sprint climbs that most hammer out pretty hard, and on both I was able to put in a good effort and stay right in with the front group.

After two hours with the Krebs I came home with time to spare before the kids would be delivered back into my clutches, so I went out for a little spin to loosen up the legs. All told, 50 miles today.

The afternoon was spent lounging at the beach as both kids were finished up open-water swim lessons. Both of those kids ripped it up in the water while dad slipped in and out of consciousness in a summer breeze on the sand. Yawn.

Tonight, family film night with a trip to see Ratatouille. This, I think, is the perfect summer day...

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