Monday, July 23, 2007


Heavy downpours outside the office window right now. Payback, I suppose, for a great weekend. Just dropped son off at science camp. Daughter has friend coming over in an hour. TdF on downstairs. I'm about to grab a cup of joe and watch what's left of the stage. Lazy day.

Training and miles were good for me last week. I took a mid-week break of two days because of the doldrums, but managed to get in some heavy efforts over the weekend for a grand total of 160 miles for the week. This morning the eyes popped open at 6am and so I went down into the basement, popped in the TT stage from a couple of days ago, and spun out the legs for an hour on the rollers.

TdF? Still fun to watch. Yesterday on the Plateau de Beille was a kick. Seemed there was some key strategy playing out on the mountain that ultimately cracked a few dudes. Rasmuessen shows no signs of weakness. Contador is just plain fun to watch. Levi--safe as always and creeping up the GC.

An atta boy to Levi. Cali boy. Rah! I think Levi is giving his all. Maybe he's got something planned for the last mountain on Wednesday, maybe he's hoping the chicken will roast in the last TT, but whatever. The guy's sitting in 4th right now and looking good for a podium, which might be his max output. Rock it, Levi.

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