Saturday, July 28, 2007


Mike Zanconato was da man! this week. In-between critical Northeast business meetings he boarded the hulking PT Barnum and negotiated the treacherous LI Sound crossing to deliver my new RAD! cross bike to me in person. THANKS MIKE!

My son and I took our bikes out for a spin that same day. I LOVE the new cross bike. Luke and I did a 3 mile circuit through the neighborhood and I had a chance to test the new cross bike a bit on some patches of sand and grass. The machine jumps to attention when you put the whip to its backside, and overall it feels very solid and right for me. One thing that's also quite noticeable is how crazy light it is (especially considering its hulking size). The new steel is real, man. I can't wait to get this bad boy out on a proper cross/mountain course and really put it to the test. Maybe I can sneak away this coming week for a go in the woods?

With my daughter away most of the week with unending sleepovers with friends, my son and I got to spend lots of quality guy time together. Bikes and fishing ruled the week.

Baitfish and predators have been playing out the dirty murder scene in our local harbor down the road, and so we took time out this week to catch the sunset massacre. Below is Luke working a lure at the sacred fishing grounds. Off in the distance is the entrance to Port Jeff Harbor. We managed to haul in a catch of four chunky bluefish this evening, and had plenty of stories to tell of the ones that got away.

Last night was another installment of the Freaky Friday Fiasco circuit race. I'd been suffering from some type of brain tumor/headache all day and so decided to sandbag down a class just to put in some miles. Pre-race I had no intention of going too hard or finishing the race, I just wanted to get the legs moving and maybe get in some speedwork. There was also a kid's race scheduled, and Luke has been itching to improve on his past results.

Here we see the big kids lined up and ready to go for the one-lap circuit. While studying the picture feel free to play the "Where's Moveitfred?" game. Hint: I'm hydrating up for the heavy responsibility of sweep.

At the gun Luke went off like his daddy just 'lectricuted his ass and led the pack through the first turn. Once the race settled down and his effort off the line was reeled in, things turned predictable with the older kids powering into the lead along the back stretch. At the end of it all the first 3 places were taken by the 9/10 year olds, with 7 year old Luke sneaking in for 4th in front of a few older kids. Atta boy.

Next up, big kids race. Many of the "players" were absent this week and away at the Empire State Games up in Westchester, so the fields were a bit smaller than usual. I was hoping to quietly sit in the pack and maybe get in a few jumps off the front, but the guys got right down to the business of pushing the pace soon after the first lap. Still, I spent a lot of time with my nose in the wind, chased down a few small breaks, and took it upon myself to jump to the front, pick up the speed, and start the pack rolling into the final lap. After I put in my max effort I swung off and into the parking lot and called it an evening.

Here is the forever blurry Moveitfred chasing down a break.

And below is the uncharacteristically small Moveitfred coming up the outside to lead the pack into the final sprint.

At the end of it all I got in some good work in the legs, but the headache still lingered. Oh well. After a big chunk of sleep last night I woke up refreshed with the brain tumor cured and put in an easy 25 miles.

And let me just close with a final thought on the TdF. It is still, without a doubt in my mind, the most beautiful sporting spectacle on the planet, but what a freakin' mess. Both Rasmussen and Vino were spectacular performers and put in epic efforts. Doping? Of course. Those cats plus the rest. You can't do what those guys do with a hearty breakfast of oatmeal pre-race and a massage from a hulking Eastern Bloc soigneur afterwards. What a shame for everyone...

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