Thursday, July 12, 2007


G posted this cool link for TdF news.

Which brings me to say a few random, useless things about the race so far. First, I'm still watching. It's cool. I'm like a baby on his back staring up at one of those dancing mobiles with the stars and the cows--my eyes are round like dinner plates and taking it all in.

Boonen ain't got it. My good friend Heywood and I both called bullshit when he claimed to be all happy for Steegmans after stage two. What we saw was a guy who couldn't get around his leadout man.

Also, what's with all the crapola talk about the peloton kicking it up a notch and not waiting for Vino? Was this just another pathetic topic of controversy to run up the flagpole by reporters? I mean, is there ever a reason to wait? OK, I can think of maybe one or two situations where easing up might be the polite thing to do, but not today. Hell, Vino's going to go on a suicide attack in the Alps and get it all back and more anyway.

Finally, anytime crash and coccyx are mentioned in the same subtitle I find that I need an extra magazine or two to take care of business that evening.

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