Monday, October 8, 2007

Bunch of Whitmore's Pics

It was all about the cow.

The helmet I will never wear (and neither will you).

Some freaks ride really tall bikes.

Meg about to rock a clean dismount and climb the logs.

Bruno-Roy at the logs.

Alie Kenzer about to dismount.

Compton making it look easy on Day 1 (and Day 2, for that matter).

Bessette put in an awesome weekend for second both days.

This is what a World Champion's dad does.

Matt White in pain.

A bunch of talent.

Chris from Kreb Cycle putting in a great race.

They were together at the beginning...

Bruno-Roy showing that you don't need to run up that hill.

Bessette on a tough little pitch.

Kenzer setting up for the off-camber dive down the hill.

Small talk before the pain.

Thin and fast.

Wicks about to get the win in about an hour.


trackrich said...

Awesome pics MIF... but nobody got one of you with the arms-raised victory? ;)

Moveitfred said...

solobreak said...

Logs... huh-huh

PyZahl said...

Great comments and neat photos, so I can learn a bit to correlate names and riders, I never saw them all before that awesome weekend. I was just all great.

PyZahl said...

Haaa, not sure where/when you raced, may be I got a shot, have a lot...: Whitmore's LSCC photos, day 1 and 2 and more locally...