Monday, October 15, 2007

Gloucester Pics

Hooo boy, tired tonight. Back to "normal life" today, but feeling the fatigue of travel and an epic day in the sun this past Saturday. So I missed my start for the 9am race due to stupidity and a combination of bad judgement on distance from hotel to venue and an accident that slowed what little chance I had of making it in time. So for me it's all about the next year. Until then, here are some pics.

Big fields against a classic backdrop

Lots of free stuff all over the ground

Tape and big rocks rock

Zank never gave one thought to running

Serious style points here

Women Elites ready to go

Meg churning through the sand

Rubbing elbows with the stars

Elite Men in the front

Beautiful view off the back of the course


Mandy said...

no pics of christine vardaros and her HAWT new vanderkitten ccx bike and plaid kit?
move it, fred...get some pictures up!
in all seriousness, thanks for posting the images and reminding me that though i retired, someday i'll go back to that seaside town and make peace with the big rock that rocks.

Moveitfred said...

Saw her new ride but was too awestruck to snap a photo. That's one silky smooth finish!

trackrich said...

You know, I was looking for you and the giant purple bike and didn't see you. Now looking at the pic of you and Kerry, I'm almost sure I said hi to you because I vaguely recognized you, but then kept going to wherever I was headed. Hopefully next time we can meet up. Too bad you missed the race... good times man... good times...

CTodd said...

The MoveitFred meeting escapes CTodd... Curses!