Friday, October 19, 2007


I'm not racing this weekend and so the only thing left to do is think. Think back on what's happened so far and where to go from here.

I've got plenty to work on out there on the cross courses, and it's this challenge that keeps me thinking and looking forward to the next race. Results on that list posted after the event have been poor, but I feel like I'm doing some things better this year and have more confidence. Hell, when it comes down to it I'm just really enjoying being out there--on the courses, at the venues.

Yesterday while driving to work I remembered a small moment at the Whitmore's race that was kind of cool. On Sunday I was standing at the first easy right turn in the course next to a guy who was, in hindsight, I'm sure at his first cross race. The men's elites where about to bust out of the gate.

The start was a wide pavement road on the slight downhill leading into this first easy right turn onto grass. Needless to say there was some serious burn unleashed on that opening straight.

So the men came flying down the road, hit the turn onto the grass, churned up a cloud of dust from the dry Long Island landscape, and thundered off.

I looked over at the guy next to me who appeared absolutely awe-struck, and he said, "Holy crap! Talk about a stampede!" He then ran off to get a glimpse of the field pounding each other through an open grass stretch.

At that moment I think he got it.

I'm not thundering through the courses. The sand and off-camber sections give me fits. Literally getting off this island and to the races is a major production. But it's beautiful. And it's cool. It's all cool. Just like Fonzie.


solobreak said...

Fred - Sand - ride like you're doing a wheelie. I got that from Mo, it works.

Off camber - I don't know, stay up high, go fast? Don't hit your 180 cranks... Practice.

The island - hey, seems like you get off more than Al. I'd have thought you guys might get off together once in a while. Oops, sorry, wrong blog...

Moveitfred said...

Yeah. Good tips. Looks like it's not just me who has trouble with the sand.