Friday, September 7, 2007

bout time

the Zank got a little dirty!

Took the new cross bike over to the Cathedral Pines mountain bike trail today for a couple of laps through the circuit. As always first time out in the woods after a summer on the road I was a timid infant--death grip on bars, picking my way through the rough spots, dabbing when the going got tough. My first lap was a slow crawl as I worked to get a feel for the trail again.

Second lap was a different story. Got my lazy ass in the drops and really opened 'er up. Gotta say the new Zank was a dream. Clearly it's a bike that likes to go fast. I don't have much to compare it to other than my low-end, crappy mountain bike, but I gotta say the new Zank has the potential to really smoke! I just gotta work on MY engine and technique to do it justice...

I'm looking forward to more time out on the trail with the Zank. For those of you who know LI, you know the technical aspects of our trails are not much to talk about. But that makes it good for a cross bike that likes to go fast. I only had trouble in three spots: two short climbs with lots of loose gravel/sand (found the skinnier tires were digging in and I died half way through each climb) and one log pile that I just simply pussed out on. But that's what practice is for.

Hey Mike, nice work!

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