Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tri Guy?

Not on your life, or the life of your momma. I did, however, partake of all tri sports today.

As non-Jewish members of the region we were given a day off today for no particular reason (and tomorrow too, for that matter), so kids and I went down to the ocean beach. Smith Point to be exact. Crowds were way down, no lifeguards to fuck with the fun, and a toasty sun. Waves SUCKED--prick-ass shorebreak. But we did some swimming out beyond the break and built a few contraptions in the sand. Better than working, fo sure.

Then, got in a 30 minute run before dinner (with son serving as the rabbit on his bike) and then put in 60 minutes on the trainer tonight.

So what's that, a suburban tri? I don't know, I'm tired and grasping at things here. You come up with something better.

Tomorrow my son and I have an early date on the mountain bike trail. His first time out on some official singletrack. Should be fun (as long as I avoid the slick Roots Of Death).

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