Sunday, September 9, 2007

Feelin' Low

So I'm feeling like crap tonight. It's nothing specific, just a general malaise, mild headache, slight loopiness, stomach ache.... Damn.

Wanted to rock a big ride today out on the road. Had the time, all was set. Even had the rare opportunity to start the ride with my lovely wife as the kids were both swimming at a neighbor's pool. Kim (wife) completed a 75 mile charity ride yesterday for Hope House Ministries. This is a really well organized ride that leaves from our hometown of Setauket and finishes at a beautiful Atlantic beach out near Montauk (ie, "The End" as all the tourist bumper stickers proclaim). My job yesterday was to transport the kids (and one neighbor kid) out to the end and enjoy the post-ride music and clambake on the beach.

As has been the case every year, the weather was beautiful, the beer was cold, the clams tasty, and everyone was yippy to finish the ride. I was going to take some pics of the bikes propped all over the hillside at the finish, but they were all Trek and Cannondale and Specialized. You can go to the manufacturers' websites if you wanna see them.

After a long afternoon of play in the rough surf a bunch of us stopped at Lunch for some fresh seafood and beverages. This, my friends, now marks the end of the East Coast summer.

So getting back to today....Kim and I did an easy 15 mile spin and then she turned toward home to rally up the kids and I planned to hammer out another 20-30 miles and some hills. But I just kept feeling more fatigued and loopy as I tried to push on down the road. I suppose with my advancing age I have acquired one good habit: I have a better sense of when to quit. And so I did--put my tail between the seatstays and went home.

I hope a good night sleep brings better feelings tomorrow.

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