Saturday, September 15, 2007


It's mid-September. Do you know where your kids are?

My guess: they're racing cross.

Many have been doing it behind the 7-11 since...ready for this?...August.

I hate to break it to you. I know you thought they were hanging out at the mall and spending your paycheck at Abercrombie.


They're scamming adults to purchase registration a case at a time.


Lots of 'em are at a place called "Sucker Brook" right now.

Yep. They're overindulging and out of control.

Nope. I won't tell you how to get there.

You're on your own. Hey, it's your fault for not paying attention to them when they were young.


gewilli said...

so i change and you feel you have to?

at least i finally met the Lance Armstrong look a like ZANK in person...

you pick the colors to pay homage to his bike?

Moveitfred said...

A little earthy.
A little queasy.
A little Zanky.

One must sit with one's blog for some time before knowing if it's right, eh grasshopper?

solobreak said...

From the look of these blogs, you to are going to probably get some lavender-lilac scented soap and re-enact the scene from Midnight Express after the next cross race. Maybe Gewilli has some pussy willows still stuck in his beard from his crash you can use to tickle each other after you're all squeaky clean. Sheesh.

gewilli said...