Friday, September 14, 2007

Enter Sandman

Son Luke and I got out for some singletrack madness this morning over at the Pines. His first time out on a "real" mountain bike trail (if that's indeed what we have here on LI), and he was AMPED to get out and ride.

So we pulled into the lot and did a quick safety check before first heading out onto a dirt road loop for a little warmup. We got along the back side of the road and I gave a little on-the-fly advice: "Luke, we're coming up to some sand in the road [about 2-3 inches deep of the really soft stuff for a 30 yard stretch of road]. Stay seated, point your bike straight ahead, and just pedal smooth...."

He gave me the "Yeah, OK Dad" and proceeded to stand up, weight his front wheel, and turn.

Down like a wet fish.

I got the "Whoa, what happened?" and proceeded to beat his little punk as....

Well, no, of course not. Gave him back the fatherly "see I told you," brushed him off, and got him going again. Yeah, sand.

We had a super time on the trail. The kid did very well on the tight, technical sections. He was keeping up his speed through the turns and even managed to climb a few of the berm walls. Didn't quite have it in him to blast down some of the more rocky, dodgey hills, and the log piles freaked him out, but in all the kid rocked.

Both son and dad are ready for more.

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